Extra Users

Extra user screenshot

Do you want to be able to use your Castline software on more than one PC and still be legal?

Castline Systems now offer our customers the chance to purchase extra users for nearly all of our product range. Extra users are priced at just 20% of the initial software cost and can be purchased online. Please note that a full copy of any piece of software must be purchased either before or at the same time as any extra users.

Please note that an extra user is defined as a member of the same organisation working at the same building/location. If the user does not work at the same premises or does not work directly for the organisation purchasing the software, a full copy in their company's name must be purchased. Please note the extra users are not required if the software is installed on a single shared computer. Extra users are each charged at 20% of the full software price.

For the FormFill Mobile app we include license to use the app on up to Three devices. If you wish to use more than 3 devices, you will need an extra user for each additional device.

For a full list of available extra users and prices, please view the Price List.