CableCalc BS7671 - 17th Edition Overview

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CableCalc BS7671 is a cable evaluation program fully compliant with BS7671:2018 Requirements for Electrical Installations IEE Wiring Regulations 18th Edition based on IEC/CENELEC Standards.

Following the success of previous releases of CableCalc BS7671 over the past 20 years, CableCalc BS7671   has been re-designed to provide a  intuitive user interface with a host of new features.

CableCalc BS7671 will calculate and check for voltage drop, disconnection time, fault current, earth fault data, overload and short circuit data in five easy steps producing detailed print-outs for each calculation.

All Levels of CableCalc BS7671 will perform both single and three-phase calculations. The phase colours default as Brown Black and Grey with Blue Neutral but may be customised to any set of colours

Five steps to easy calculation

CableCalc BS7671 performs a total of eight  preliminary checks for cable rating, voltage drop, cpc size, protective device rating and disconnection time with useful hints and suggestions to correct calculation deficiencies.

Four Levels to chose from

Phase Colours

CableCalc Levels





Brown Bullet Calculation Print-out

Brown Bullet Custom 3-phase colours

Brown Bullet 3-phase Calculations

Brown Bullet Ring Circuit calculations

Brown Bullet Radial Circuit Calculations

CableCalc Level 1

Gray Bullet Create and save Projects

Gray Bullet 5 Distribution Boards

Gray Bullet Time Graph

Gray Bullet Circuit Details (Portrait)

Gray Bullet Circuit Details (Landscape)

Gray Bullet Design Schematics

Gray Bullet Save to PDF

Gray Bullet Lighting Circuit Calculations

Gray Bullet Sub Main Circuit Calculations

Gray Bullet DOL Circuit Calculations

Gray Bullet Star Delta Circuit Calculations

Gray Bullet Discrimination Graphs

CableCalc Level 2

Blue Bullet Manufacturers Devices

Blue Bullet 20 Distribution boards

Blue Bullet User Defined Protective Devices

Blue Bullet Phase Graph

Blue Bullet Full Project Discrimination Study

Blue Bullet Single Line Project Layout Diagrams

Blue Bullet Schematic Diagrams

CableCalc Level 3

Green Bullet Aluminium Cables

Green Bullet Unlimited Distribution Boards

Green Bullet Distribution Board Diagrams

CableCalc Level 4

CableCalc BS7671 is available in four versions ranging from a simple calculation tool:

CableCalc BS7671 - Level 1 - For the electrician/engineer who requires quick calculation results with detailed print-outs

CableCalc BS7671 - Level 2 - For the contractor/engineer. Produces detailed calculation results and schedules which can be printed or exported as Adobe PDF files for electronic distribution.  This version supports up to five distribution boards and includes all the features found in Level 1.

CableCalc BS7671 - Level 3 - For the professional designer/consultant who requires high quality designs and schedules.  This version includes all of the features of levels 1 & 2, and in addition will produce up to 20 distribution boards and includes manufacturer-specific protective device data, project discrimination checking and single line project layout diagrams.

CableCalc BS7671 - Level 4 -  The top Level of CableCalc BS7671, for the professional designer/consultant who requires high quality designs and schedules.  This version includes all of the features of levels 1, 2 & 3, and in addition will produce an unlimited number of distribution boards and includes Aluminium Cables and Distribution board diagrams.

Print outs

CableCalc BS7671 can produce many different reports ranging from cable calculation details to detailed distribution board charts.

distribution board diagram created with CableCalc BS7671 Level 4